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Commemorating World Malaria Day 2016

World Malaria Day recognizes the global effort to reduce the burden of malaria. Taking place on April 25 each year, it provides an opportunity to raise awareness and generate support for the fight to end this preventable and treatable disease.

ExxonMobil has been committed to reducing the global burden of malaria for more than 15 years. This year on World Malaria Day, ExxonMobil announced new grants to support organizations working to prevent and treat malaria and strengthen health systems in communities most at risk of the disease.

ExxonMobil is proud to work with organizations dedicated to improving health around the world. ExxonMobil Global Health Scholars who studied at Oxford University authored opinion pieces to mark World Malaria Day. Pattie Gonsalves discussed how education can help to save children’s lives in India, while Nana Sai’d examined the burden of malaria on women in her native Nigeria. In addition, the leaders of some of our grantees shared their perspectives on what’s needed to end malaria.


Investing in health systems is especially significant in light of this World Malaria Day’s theme, “End Malaria for Good.” Strengthening health infrastructure and capacity to support and sustain progress against malaria will be key to ending the disease. Our infographic helps explain the connection between strong health systems and efforts to combat malaria:

Download the infographic:


With more than US $145 million in investments since 2000, ExxonMobil is the largest private-sector grant-maker in the fight against the disease. The company is dedicated to seeing an end to malaria by leveraging its business expertise, network and convening power to fight the disease. ExxonMobil-supported programs have reached more than 125 million people. The ExxonMobil Workforce Malaria Control Program offers prevention tools, early diagnosis and treatment to company employees and surrounding communities, and is a model for other malaria control initiatives.

ExxonMobil Celebrates World Malaria Day in Malaria-Affected Countries

In countries where malaria remains a serious health challenge, ExxonMobil partners recognized World Malaria Day through events raising awareness about the disease. Activities included:

  • In Nigeria, supporting Special Olympics Nigeria to hold events to improve understanding of malaria prevention and treatment options, along with counselling and testing services for young athletes with intellectual disabilities and their families.
  • In Equatorial Guinea, working with Grassroot Soccer to hold malaria prevention workshops, distribute bed nets and host a soccer tournament to raise awareness of the disease.
  • In Cameroon, working with CCA/SIDA to install long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in hospitals.
  • In Angola, partnering with ADPP to launch malaria education projects, distribute bed nets and provide malaria tests.