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European Science & Engineering Program

In 1989, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe launched the European Science & Engineering Program (ESEP). The objective of ESEP is to promote scientific interactions between the company and European universities and research institutions.

ESEP Covers a Broad Range of Activities

How Does ESEP Work?

ESEP functions as a foundation. It finances European university projects and research in areas of science and engineering relevant to ExxonMobil Chemical.

Who Can Apply?

Any student or professor from a European university or research institute may apply for support for projects which are in line with ESEP's objectives.

Among the criteria for selection are:

  • Scientific merits of the project
  • Relevance to ExxonMobil Chemical
  • Cost

How to Apply?

Applications should include the following information:

Name, title, address, university or institute affiliation, purpose of the grant and a short description of the project and possible benefits for ExxonMobil Chemical.

The amount requested should also be included.

Applications should be sent to:

ExxonMobil Chemical Europe
European Science and Engineering Program
Hermeslaan 2
B-1831 Machelen