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What is the impact to ExxonMobil?

The REACH regulation is consistent with our existing philosophy of using science to understand the risks associated with the products we sell and then communicating these to our customers. To prepare and ensure compliance with REACH, ExxonMobil established a dedicated REACH integration team to co-ordinate and integrate activities across the Corporation’s business lines.

While the new regulation creates a large effort, ExxonMobil has the resources and the commitment that is required under REACH. We are working actively with industry associations such as CEFIC and CONCAWE to develop and deploy standard tools and processes which will allow us to implement the requirements for REACH with minimal disruption to ExxonMobil or our customers’ and suppliers’ operations.

When REACH entered into force on 1 June 2007, the first significant requirement for businesses was the pre-registration of existing substances, which ended on 1 December 2008. ExxonMobil adopted a conservative approach towards pre-registration and pre-registered around 1100 substances of which approximately 400 substances are estimated to be registered. ExxonMobil successfully registered approximately 200 substances before the 1 December 2010 deadline for high volume substances, completed the 1 June 2013 registrations in due time,  and we are well positioned to register the remaining substances before the 2018 registration deadline. Find information about ExxonMobil products (pre)registration status.

One important element in the registration dossier is the development of use information and exposure scenarios for hazardous substances. Find information on uses for our products. ExxonMobil has updated its Safety Data Sheets with relevant REACH registration information, including uses and exposure scenarios in an annex.  Safety Data Sheets will continue to be updated as the registration and review process unfolds. Find the latest updated revision of Safety Data Sheets for ExxonMobil products.

The REACH regulation requires a large effort and commitment of resources. Through the development and deployment of internal standard tools and processes, we are well positioned to comply with the regulation.

The effort to develop the documentation necessary for REACH compliance had a peak in 2010 with the first registration deadline for high volume products on 1 December 2010. High focus on documentation was maintained for the 2013 registration deadline on 1 June 2013, and will continue to be maintained for the 2018 registration deadline. Our effort to develop necessary documentation will continue also beyond 2018 which is the last deadline for registration of pre-registered substances.

For more information about REACH impacts for ExxonMobil products, you may contact you usual ExxonMobil contact or alternatively you may contact us.