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(Pre) - Registration Update

As part of our ongoing REACH communication plan and following the completion of the 2010 and 2013 registration phases of REACH, ExxonMobil has updated the links below to provide information on the registration status of our products. ExxonMobil continues to work on the registration of new substances and substances which are subject to the 2018 registration deadline.

The attached tables or texts refer only to ExxonMobil products which are purchased by customers directly from an ExxonMobil affiliate in the European Economic Area. ExxonMobil products imported into or placing on the market of the European Economic Area by customers either directly or as part of a preparation are not covered by this data or information.

ExxonMobil continues to strongly recommend that customers should specifically assess their legal responsibilities under REACH when importing into the European Economic Area ExxonMobil substances, or mixtures which contain ExxonMobil substances.

Please address any questions regarding Registration of ExxonMobil products to your usual ExxonMobil contact or alternatively you may contact us.

ExxonMobil Safety Data Sheets are updated in accordance with REACH requirements and are available online.

Basic chemicals

Performance fluids

Plasticisers and Chemical Intermediates

Plastics & Resins (P&R)

Specialty Elastomer & Butyl (SE&B)


Refining and Supply

Fuels & Lubricants