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Use communication summary

One of the new aspects that the REACH Regulation introduces is the sharing of Use information between Manufacturers/Importers and Downstream Users.  The intent of this process is to ensure that, in the future, supported Uses for all products are included in our REACH registration dossier and the new REACH formatted extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS). 

To help facilitate the sharing of Use information, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has developed a range of REACH Use Descriptors which will be applicable for all Industries.  These Use Descriptors are designed to describe how products are used in the supply chain.  More information on Use Descriptors can be found on the website of the European Chemicals Agency.

Descriptor            Description                                                   Example                   

SU                         Market sector using the product                  SU3 - Industrial Manufacturing

PC                         The use by type of preparation                    PC24 - Lubricants, Greases

PROC                    The application or process type                   PROC1-Used in a closed process

AC                          Article category                                              AC10-1 - Rubber products - tyres

ERC                        Refers to the environmental release mechanism

In Industrial Use, workers might be expected to have a high standard of competence, qualifications and skills and there is a high standard of supervision and control as well as a high standard of technical (risk management) measures available. Resulting exposures and emissions can be expected to be predictable and well-managed. Such Uses are generally described by the application of SU3.

In Professional Use, workers have various/different competences, qualifications and skills and there are lower or varying standard of supervision and control as well as lower standard of technical (risk management) measures. Resulting exposures and emissions will often be higher than those encountered in Industrial settings. Such Uses are generally described by the application of SU22.

In Consumer Use, there is little expertise/fewer skills for implementing measures and no technical measures and no individual protection (except for gloves or protective glasses in certain cases). The control of exposures and emissions cannot therefore be expected to rely on strategies which demand trained users or access to specific equipment. Such Uses are generally described by the application of SU21.

Several known Uses of products cover multiple REACH Use Descriptors. To facilitate common understanding, Industry associations have clustered these Use Descriptors and assigned Generic Use Titles to the resultant cluster. Each of these Industry associations has then mapped these generic titles to specific manufacturing processes and Uses applicable to their industry.

The terminology referenced in these titles Use phrases which may be more meaningful to you as a Downstream User and should help you to recognize your application. To aid this recognition you’ll find a short description and the associated REACH Use descriptors codes behind each title.

Details of the Uses for each of our products can be obtained by accessing the section on the Use communication details page.