Details of importance for non-EU companies


Details of importance for non-EU companies

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals and is synonymous to EU regulation 1907/2006. In addition to the 27 EU Member States, REACH is incorporated in the EEA (European Economic Agreement) agreement, making it a regulation also in the 3 EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway that are not EU members; More information about REACH and the impact to ExxonMobil can be found under REACH components and Impact to ExxonMobil

Companies established outside the EU/EEA are not directly bounded by the REACH obligations.  The responsibility to fulfill REACH obligations lies with each importer established in the EU/EEA. Non-EU manufacturers and non-EU formulators have an option to appoint an Only Representative (OR) in the EU/EEA who can represent them and fulfill the legal obligations.

REACH requires all manufacturers in and all importers to EU/EEA to comply with REACH obligations including registrations. Registrations completed by ExxonMobil are valid for products purchased by customers directly from an ExxonMobil affiliate in the EU/EEA only. Customers purchasing products from outside the EU/EEA and importing into the EU/EEA are responsible for completing their own REACH obligations including registration for their imports. 

In general, ExxonMobil do not provide Only Representative (OR) support to importers. More detailed information is available under Registration Status

REACH has an exemption for polymers, however, the monomers and the performance additives in a polymer product are in scope of the registration obligations.

Information about ExxonMobil products on the EU market containing SVHC substances can be found in Response to candidate list (SVHC). When an ExxonMobil product contains a SVHC substance in a concentration at or above 0,1wt% a statement is included in section 15 of the REACH Safety Data Sheets (SDS). For confirmation of SVHC content for products not available on the EU/EEA market, please contact your normal sales contact for assistance.

ExxonMobil continues to strongly recommend that customers assess their legal responsibilities under REACH when importing into the European Union and European Economic Area.