European Union affairs

The company, its operations and its employees are represented towards the European Union (EU) institutions.


European Union affairs

Our advocacy and communications team in Brussels is engaged through industry associations, including FuelsEuropeIOGP, and Cefic, in addressing the key challenge of sustainable energy development in Europe — developing affordable and secure supplies of energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while maintaining EU competitiveness.

By promoting free markets, free trade, and the rule of law, policymakers can foster an atmosphere in which citizens and businesses identify and pursue new innovations and opportunities, invest and build, and achieve unprecedented success.

ExxonMobil continues to support policies that promote stable investment climates for long-term business innovation and growth. We support legislation that works for people and industry to ensure a secure and affordable energy supply for all Europeans. We engage with policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders to ensure cost-effective solutions that meet market demands and work towards the energy transition.

Because of our advocacy efforts, ExxonMobil regularly reports expenses related to representing its interests to EU institutions on the European Commission’s Transparency register.

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