The future of refining

Europe’s refineries are a key component of a competitive future for Europe and will evolve to meet society’s changing needs. We are retooling our refineries to reflect projected demand trends and the shift toward lower-emission economies.


The future of refining
Our industry has a strong vision to 2050, as outlined by our industry association, Fuels Europe. The refining industry will continue to meet society’s evolving needs for energy and chemical products while advancing priorities such as economic growth and environmental protection. 

Refining is linked to Europe’s industrial future and can help enable a low-emission future for Europe. Refinery efficiency and innovation is integral to a successful European energy transition to a low-carbon economy. 

To learn more about our industry’s joint vision for the future of refining, visit Fuels Europe Vision 2050 – a pathway for the evolution of the refining industry and liquid fuels.