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Stakeholder engagement

We recognize the significant responsibilities we have to our shareholders, neighbors, customers and communities as we find ways to bring affordable energy to the global market. For a company of our size and scope, building and maintaining relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders is critical. Regular stakeholder engagement helps us understand a variety of perspectives and improve our company’s performance.

Because our business directly affects many people around the world, we seek to understand their viewpoints. We interact with our diverse stakeholders through a variety of mechanisms, including community meetings, web and social media content, corporate publications, and one-on-one and group discussions. Examples of stakeholder engagement are included throughout this report. The following list provides examples of common areas of interest.


  • Community development; economic development; grievance management; human rights; operational impacts; environmental performance


  • Product safety and sustainability; supply chain management; greenhouse gas emissions 


  • Benefits; diversity; development opportunities; safety, health and wellness 


  • Taxes and other revenue sources; climate change; local supplier development; job creation; human rights; impact assessments; ethics; health; education; energy supply and security

Nongovernmental organizations

  • Biodiversity; water management; climate change; human rights; transparency; social issues


  • Governance practices; board composition; policy engagement; risk management; climate change


  • Expectations for suppliers; local business opportunities; supplier diversity; capacity building; environmental performance