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Sustainability is critical to our business. At ExxonMobil, we work to expand the supplies of reliable and affordable energy needed for economic progress. In doing so, we take a balanced approach that considers the impact of our operations on local economies, communities and the environment. We design our approach to sustainability around six key areas:

  • Safety, health and the workplace
  • Managing climate change risks
  • Environmental performance
  • Community engagement, human rights and strategic investments 
  • Local development and supply chain management
  • Corporate governance

ExxonMobil is committed to aligning our long-term business objectives with these six areas.

In September 2015, the United Nations published the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing a framework for governments, civil society and business to work together in progressing sustainability. The SDGs cover a range of sustainable development issues — through 17 goals and specific targets — that will inform countries’ planning through 2030. ExxonMobil, as a major provider of reliable and affordable energy and a partner in community health, education and economic development, helps achieve progress in many of the areas set forth in the SDGs.