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ExxonMobil giving guidelines

ExxonMobil's success in the energy and petrochemical industries makes it possible for us to contribute to the well-being of the local areas where we make significant investments, provide products and pay taxes.

We believe that well-designed contributions programs contribute to society by raising the standard of living and the stability of the communities in which we live and do business. They also align with our pledge of good corporate citizenship and contribute to ExxonMobil being the partner, neighbor, employer and supplier of choice around the world.

Therefore, the purpose of ExxonMobil's contributions program, whether conducted through the U.S. based ExxonMobil Foundation, or through the corporation or international affiliated companies' operations, is to meet important community needs in ways that are compatible with our business interests.

Typically, ExxonMobil chooses to work with community organizations with which we have established or proactively developed relationships. ExxonMobil does not seek and rarely funds unsolicited grant applications and project proposals.

Worldwide, ExxonMobil's community investment focus areas include:

  • Education – As a science and knowledge-based company, we contribute to educational programs worldwide. Particular focus areas are science and math and the education of women and girls;
  • Health – We have a long tradition of working to improve public health and reduce health-related barriers to development in the communities where we operate;
  • Environment (biodiversity & conservation) – We recognize the importance of conserving biodiversity – the variety of life on earth;
  • Employee involvement – We encourage and support our employees and retirees who choose to make their own contributions of time, skills and money to community activities.

The ExxonMobil Public and Government Affairs Department is responsible for maintaining policies, programs and procedures to administer our contributions program.

Contributions are voluntary donations of cash or goods and services made to organizations (not individuals) for which the donor receives nothing significant or tangible in return. The contributions program and budget are not used to promote product sales or brand recognition.

Recipient organizations may include registered charities, non-governmental organizations and nonprofit educational, health-related and cultural organizations.

While we generally prefer to invest in local communities where we have a strong presence, we also fund some organizations that operate across a nation or around the globe.