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2016 Worldwide Giving Report

ExxonMobil’s strategic community investments seek to address community priorities where we do business. We partner with governments and nongovernmental organizations to help enhance the quality of life in the communities where we operate around the world.

We focus our efforts on our signature, corporate-led initiatives to improve education, combat malaria and advance economic opportunities for women, all of which support our key business objectives and company values. We supplement our corporate-led initiatives with local, community-specific programs, which range from access to skills training to support for cultural heritage protection. We consider the development goals of each community when deciding how best to invest, and we often participate in public-private partnerships and ongoing stakeholder engagement to improve social and economic conditions.

Our worldwide spending includes contributions  to nonprofit organizations, but we also invest in social projects through collaboration with other organizations. In 2016, Exxon Mobil Corporation, our divisions and affiliates, and the ExxonMobil Foundation provided a combined $204 million in cash, goods and services worldwide. Of that total, $96 million supported U.S. communities and $108 million supported communities in other countries around the world.

ExxonMobil employees and retirees donated more than $38 million in 2016 through ExxonMobil’s matching gift and employee-giving programs. When combined with corporate donations, ExxonMobil, together with our employees and retirees, contributed $242 million in 2016.

Around the world, our employees are involved in local communities by providing pro bono legal services, helping build homes and serving as volunteer firefighters, among other activities. Through company-sponsored volunteer programs, more than 19,000 ExxonMobil employees, retirees and their families donated approximately 550,000 volunteer hours to almost 4,500 charitable organizations in 29 countries in 2016.

The following report highlights ExxonMobil’s 2016 worldwide corporate contributions and community investments. Organizations in the United States that received grants of $5,000 or more are listed, and our investments benefiting countries outside the United States are summarized. Contributions reflected in this report were made by Exxon Mobil Corporation, its divisions and affiliates – including XTO Energy Inc. – and the ExxonMobil Foundation.