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Up close: ExxonMobil's Culture of Health

At ExxonMobil, a focus on employee health is a priority. Our U.S. Culture of Health (CoH) program is a sound, evidence-based program designed to support the health of our employees and reduce health care costs.

CoH features multiple components to promote wellness and healthy living: personal health assessments, health screenings, health coaching and worksite educational activities. These activities help employees address wellness issues such as physical activity, nutrition, stress and disease prevention. Each year, individuals can earn cash incentives and gain useful health information by completing certain components of the program. This program is available to all ExxonMobil U.S. employees and family members (age 18 and older) eligible to enroll in an ExxonMobil Medical Plan. Retirees who are enrolled in an ExxonMobil Medical Plan are also eligible to participate.

  • Culture of Health Mission

    To improve the health status, well-being and productivity of employees by creating a workplace environment that actively and consistently reinforces, promotes and supports healthy behaviors.

Andrew Hanna, a sales account manager based in our Fairfax, Virginia, office, became involved in the CoH program in his first year at ExxonMobil, as he experienced challenges maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moving to a new city, learning a new job and spending most of his time in the office all contributed to unhealthy habits. Through participation in CoH and lifestyle coaching, Andrew’s main health objectives became nutrition and exercise. He transitioned from evening to morning workouts, and received help developing weekly grocery lists of nutritious foods to bring to work.

  • Andrew Hanna

    Sales account manager
    “I am working with my health coach to achieve these goals and find ways to improve my nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Having a personal health coach who is dedicated to helping me achieve my health goals is a phenomenal resource.”