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Diversity and inclusion

We support local employee networks to foster an environment committed to diversity and inclusion.

The voluntary, employee-led groups offer networking, development programmes and community service, and proactively mentor and assimilate new employees. Some of these networks include:

  • Asian Connection for Excellence (ACE)
  • Black Employee Success Team (BEST)
  • Global Organisation for the Advancement of Latinos (GOAL)
  • People for Respect, Inclusion and Diversity of Employees (PRIDE)
  • Veteran Advocacy and Support Team (VAST)
  • Women’s Interest Network (WIN)

We engage a wide range of education programmes and recruiting activities that are intended to reach out to a diverse pool of highly qualified employment candidates. ExxonMobil’s internships and financial aid initiatives play a key role in our diversity recruiting, through practical work experience, scholarships and university grants. We also support professional organisations such as the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, among others. ExxonMobil believes these strategic investments in education will help build a source of diverse, talented individuals.

  • Sujata Bhatia

    Project manager, gas and power marketing
    Women's Interest Network chair

    “My WIN leadership team’s role is to promote individual and collective growth to support women to achieve their ultimate potential. We serve as a catalyst to improve business acumen, promote fellowship to enhance contributions to the business and cultivate hundreds of successful mentoring relationships that help women achieve their career goals. I am proud of our WIN accomplishments, which are reflected in the growth and advancement of women in technical and leadership roles.”

We remain committed to improving the gender balance within our company. ExxonMobil promotes leadership opportunities for women throughout all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, transfers and wage and salary administration. In 2015, 41 per cent of our worldwide management and professional new hires were women. This is significantly higher than the percentage of women in our broader employee population at 28 per cent. In the United States, 33 per cent of our 2015 engineering hires were female, higher than the U.S. percentage of female engineering students.

Approximately 17 per cent of our executive employees worldwide are women, an increase of 50 per cent over the past decade. This increase, in part, is a result of continued focus on early identification of female management development candidates. Notably, 29 per cent of our early career stage executive employees worldwide are women.

To increase the representation of minorities in our U.S. operations, our hiring programs include outreach initiatives to identify diverse candidates. For example, through our technical scholarship programme, we award scholarships to ExxonMobil minority interns to assist them in completing their college degrees. In 2015, we provided 44 technical scholarships, an increase of 80 per cent over the past 10 years.

  • Jamille Jamison

    Contact engineer
    “As a technical scholarship recipient, I was able to grow academically and professionally in the chemical industry. The scholarship program helped me build a quick network of peers and mentors. ExxonMobil has provided the opportunity to apply the concepts and skills I learned at Howard University, and I am excited to continue learning and developing in my role as a process contact engineer since joining the company in 2015.”

In 2015, 35 per cent of management and professional new hires in the United States were minorities. Further, 37 per cent of our engineering hires were minorities, significantly higher than the percentage of U.S. minorities in our broader population. Of our U.S. executives, approximately 14 per cent are minorities, an increase of 70 per cent over the past decade facilitated by a consistent focus on minority management development. Notably, 14 per cent of early career U.S. executive employees in 2015 were minorities.

Chart — In 2015, 41 percent of our worldwide management and professional new hires were women, significantly higher than the percentage of women in our broader employee population.

Up Close: Employee resource groups

We believe the training, skills and experiences of veterans are a valuable component to a diverse, productive organisation. In 2014, we created our newest employee resource group, the Veteran Advocacy and Support Team (VAST), which provides mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities designed to enhance the personal and professional development of our veterans and those who continue to serve. VAST also welcomes non-veteran employees to participate in the programme. In total, VAST supports more than 690 employees.

Photo —  U.S. Air Force Major General Giovanni Tuck presents to VAST members during a Veterans Day event hosted at the Houston campus.

In addition to helping onboard ExxonMobil employees who are former or current military service personnel, VAST also focuses on facilitating recruitment, assimilation, retention and advancement of veterans. In November 2015, VAST hosted a Veterans Day event at our Houston campus. The event brought together veterans and veteran supporters from across ExxonMobil’s operations. In total, more than 200 people attended the event, during which U.S. Air Force Major General Giovanni Tuck discussed the similarities and interdependencies between defense logistics and the energy industry, as well as the skills and experiences veterans provide to the business community.

As veterans and ExxonMobil employees, my wife Ruth and I co-founded VAST to be a resource for veterans seeking to leverage their proven leadership skills and diverse life experiences. We seek to provide mentorship and professional development, which is beneficial both for employees and the company.

Jeff Vargo, Construction supervisor, ExxonMobil Development Company
VAST co-founder