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Our workforce

We consider our approximately 73,500 employees to be our greatest asset. For this reason, ExxonMobil seeks to foster a diverse workforce of highly talented individuals who are dedicated to integrity, high-quality work and good corporate citizenship.

Our career-oriented approach to developing an exceptional workforce includes recruiting outstanding talent and supporting long-term professional development.

Retention and engagement

Our global, diverse workforce represents a competitive advantage for ExxonMobil. We retain and develop our employees by providing an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged and career objectives are developed and achieved.

We communicate openly with our employees through frequent one-on-one and team discussions as well as larger organisational meetings. All employees undergo an annual performance assessment and development process, during which they have the opportunity to engage in a structured, documented discussion with their supervisors about work accomplishments, learning objectives, development opportunities and career interests. This process, coupled with company training, mentorship programmes and networking opportunities, provide the basis for ongoing employee growth and continual performance improvement.

ExxonMobil offers robust corporate and technical training programmes designed to engage employees in professional development. In 2015, our major business units spent USD $124 million on training employees. Of that, we directed 84 per cent toward professional and technical training. In 2015, more than 5,000 employees at various levels of the company participated in ExxonMobil’s leadership development training programs, of which 32 per cent were women and 48 per cent were employees from outside the United States.

Chart — In 2015, ExxonMobil spent $124 million on training employees. In total, 85,000 non-unique participants at various levels of the company participated in ExxonMobil training programs in 2015, a 31 percent increase since 2011.

ExxonMobil also offers a variety of workplace flexibility programmes to maintain engagement and maximise productivity by addressing individual employee needs. These workplace flexibility programs differ based on the legal requirements, infrastructure and culture of locations where we do business. Examples of workplace flexibility programmes include adaptable workplace arrangements, modified workweek, part-time regular employment and adjustable work hours.

Up Close: ExxonMobil's Houston campus

In 2015, ExxonMobil completed construction of a new state-of-the-art campus in Houston, Texas, which hosts around 10,000 employees in our Upstream, Downstream and Chemical companies and associated service groups. We believe the campus will foster improved health and wellness among employees and enhance our ability to attract, develop and retain the top talent in the industry. The campus design is based on extensive research into best practices in workplace health, wellness and collaboration.

For example, the campus is designed with an open floor plan that optimizes the use of natural light and encourages collaborative opportunities for its co-located businesses and services. Specifically, the campus features highly networked, shared, multipurpose work spaces that create a collaborative work environment. In addition to increased collaboration, research indicates that the open floorplan concept can lead to improved productivity, engagement and innovation over the long term.

  • Christine Byrne

    Environment manager 
    “The combination of our new central SSH&E organization and co-location at the new campus has brought our environment, regulatory and socioeconomic professionals together like never before. It has enabled collaboration within our organization and across our business lines both on a large and small scale, facilitating learnings and sharing of best practices. Individuals who may have interacted once or twice every couple years previously now see each other on a daily basis and seek input from individuals from diverse backgrounds.”


The campus also features an extensive network of paths and walkways linking it with natural and cultivated landscapes. Surveys at the campus identified 343 ecologically valuable trees, of which 213 were preserved in place. Professional arbourists moved the remaining trees to other locations within the campus and are providing observation and care to ensure their continued health. We also installed a system to collect rainwater from the property. More than 80 per cent of the water used on site is reclaimed and reused for cooling and irrigation needs. Overall, the campus uses 90 per cent less potable water than the national average for commercial buildings.

To support a healthy lifestyle among employees, the Houston campus includes a 100,000 square-foot wellness center complete with a three-story glass atrium, cardio and strength training facilities, a basketball court and personal training services. By the end of 2015, more than 30 per cent of the campus residents had enrolled in the campus wellness center. ExxonMobil cares about the well-being of our employees as well as their families. The on-campus Explorers Club is designed to provide ExxonMobil employees with quality child care services for children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten.

Additionally, campus residents enjoy a wide array of on-site healthy dining venues to support a sustainable diet. Dining selections include a variety of nutritional options and choices for special diets, all of which align with ExxonMobil’s Culture of Health program. Menu boards at the respective stations outline the most current Culture of Health menu options, which are periodically offered at employee events.

Photo — ExxonMobil employees collaborating at the Houston campus.

Up Close: Sustainability training for Chemical employees

We view all of our employees as ambassadors for ExxonMobil. Our employees can help communicate our internal efforts and explain our positions on important topics to the outside world. By including the topic of sustainability in our company training offerings, we can help ensure employees understand our approach to sustainability and can effectively communicate our sustainability objectives to people outside the company.

Since 2011, we have offered face-to-face training on sustainability to commercially facing ExxonMobil Chemical Company (EMCC) employees. In 2015, we expanded our sustainability training to all EMCC employees as part of a new computer-based training platform to help broaden exposure to the topic beyond just the commercial organisation.

This computer-based training includes introductory-level information such as the definition of sustainability, how EMCC incorporates sustainability into its operations, emerging sustainability challenges and how individuals can contribute to sustainability at home and at work. Since the computer-based training was launched in August 2015, 857 Chemical employees and 75 other employees have taken the course.

Employee benefits

Our benefits programmes are an integral part of a total remuneration package designed to support our long-term business objectives, as well as attract, retain and reward the most qualified employees. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of employees throughout their careers and into retirement.

Ensuring access to affordable health care helps employees effectively manage health care issues and reduces related financial concerns. Our funding levels of qualified pension plans comply with applicable laws and regulations. Defined benefit pension obligations are fully supported by the financial strength of ExxonMobil or the respective sponsoring affiliate. The company provides retirement benefits that support our long-term career orientation and business models.