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Fostering a productive work environment

We respect and value individual and cultural differences. We strive to foster a diverse, collaborative and productive work environment in order to achieve superior business results. Our workplace flexibility programs enhance employee engagement.

Workplace flexibility programs

Our workplace flexibility programs improve business and operational results by increasing employee engagement and facilitating retention. We offer a wide variety of flexible work arrangements, which may be customized and used individually or in combination to meet individual needs and preferences. Examples include remote work, modified work schedules, and part-time employment. Programs vary by country, based on culture, infrastructure, and legal frameworks.

Investing in diversity

We provide excellent tools to help employees understand effective cross-cultural communication and cultural sensitivities. These include:

  • GlobeSmart™  - This innovative web-based cultural tool provides easy access to information on how to conduct business around the world.
  • Essential teams & cultural essentials - This training helps bridge cultural gaps in global teams, focusing on communication, collaboration and cultural awareness.
  • Managing in a global organisation - This web-based tool helps improve communication, teambuilding, and networking globally.
  • Mentoring and peer support - These programs help new employees quickly become effective in our global organisation.

  • Robert “Craig” Scarborough 
    Accounting Supervisor 
    Revenue Accounting

    A few years prior to launching his career with ExxonMobil, Craig was involved in a hunting accident resulting in partial paralysis. “I was worried about limited job opportunities after graduation given my injury, but ExxonMobil offered me a career,” says Craig. “What I value the most about ExxonMobil are the high quality people.”


ExxonMobil’s global policies promote diversity and inclusion and prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment in any company workplace, anywhere around the world. These broad policies encompass all forms of discrimination.

  • Zoe Barinaga 
    Marketing Manager 
    ExxonMobil Chemical Company

    Zoe joined ExxonMobil in the Chemical business. She is active in ExxonMobil diversity and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related efforts. Zoe served as President of the ExxonMobil Women’s Interest Network at Chemicals’ headquarters and as President of ExxonMobil’s Global Organization for the Advancement of Latinos in Houston. “Participating in ExxonMobil’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives and employee networks can provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth. It has given me a better and broader perspective of our workforce and our corporation. Not only have I enjoyed interacting with many different people across various organisations, but it has helped me by expanding my understanding of our business.”

Employee networks

We support local employee networks globally to foster an environment committed to diversity and inclusion. These voluntary, employee-led groups offer networking, professional development programs, community service, and proactively mentor and assimilate new employees. Logos for some of these networks are shown below.

  • Asian Connection for Excellence

    Our mission is to facilitate personal growth and professional advancement of employees of Asian origin, and raise awareness of Asian cultures to enhance effectiveness when working with employees of Asian origin or with business partners in Asia.

  • Black Employee Success Team

    Our mission is to serve as a support organisation that provides mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities to enhance the personal and professional development of black employees and further the business objectives of ExxonMobil.

  • Global Organization for the Advancement of Latinos

    Our mission is to facilitate successful professional advancement and personal growth of Latino employees, consistent with ExxonMobil business principles.

  • People for Respect, Inclusion, and Diversity of Employees

    Our mission is to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender employees and our allies, and to encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues around sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in the workplace.

  • Veteran Advocacy & Support Team

    Our mission is to serve as a support organisation that provides mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities to enhance the personal and professional development of employees with prior military service or who are currently serving in the military.

  • Women's Interest Network

    Our mission is to facilitate the professional advancement and personal growth of all women at ExxonMobil.

Download our diversity booklet: