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European operations overview

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.

We explore for, produce and sell crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products, and hold an industry-leading inventory of global oil and gas resources. We are the world's largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and our chemical company ranks among the world's largest.

We have been helping to meet energy demand in Europe for over 125 years. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of oil and gas, a major refiner of crude oil for fuels and lubricants, and one of Europe's leading petrochemical companies, employing over 18,000 people across 20 European countries.

Key assets include North Sea oil and natural gas production operations, as well as onshore natural gas production in the Netherlands and Germany. In 2015, European operations accounted for 14 per cent of ExxonMobil's net oil and natural gas production.

Furthermore, we market products through a network service stations, and also directly to commercial segments, such as aviation, industrial and wholesale, equipment manufacturers, and marine. European refining operations at 9 refineries represent about 30 per cent of ExxonMobil's global refining capacity. This includes world-scale refineries in Antwerp, Fawley, Gravenchon and Rotterdam. European Chemical operations represent more than 15 per cent of ExxonMobil's global chemical capacity.

We are also a major investor in Europe. Over the past five years, ExxonMobil invested US $14.5 billion in Europe - about 8 per cent of ExxonMobil's global investments.