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Methane emissions

Emissions of naturally produced methane gas may occur following hydraulic fracturing and well completion during the "flowback" of the well when some methane, hydraulic fracturing fluids (primarily water) and formation water return to the surface immediately prior to the well being put into production. Industry takes safeguards to minimize these...

GHG life cycle emissions

Comparisons of life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions aim to calculate the emissions of greenhouse gases over the full life of energy resources, including all stages of fuel production and distribution (from direct emissions to significant indirect emissions such as emissions from land use changes).

Safety measures

The safety of people, the community, and the environment is the top priority for all responsible companies and authorities working on unconventional gas extraction.

Environmental responsibility

The energy industry remains focused on making sure every step of the natural gas production process — from set-up to drilling to fracturing to producing — is conducted safely and responsibly.