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ExxonMobil's role in addressing the water challenge

Energy is more than a commodity: it is an enabler of progress. Affordable and reliable energy raises living standards, creates jobs, and contributes to opportunities for better health, education and social welfare. Sustaining such progress by meeting the world’s growing demand for energy is a tremendous challenge.

ExxonMobil is committed to addressing the challenge of sustainability – balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protection – so that future generations will not be affected by actions taken today. Above all other objectives, ExxonMobil is dedicated to safe and environmentally responsible operations.

We embed our high environmental performance standards into every aspect of our activities and throughout our management systems, processes and policies. We recognize the importance of water and our responsibility to local communities and the environment. As such, we focus our efforts on preventing adverse impacts to water resources and prudently managing the water we do use. As part of a comprehensive risk-management approach, we are committed to managing the interaction of our activities with water in order to:

Because water challenges are most effectively addressed with local solutions, we’ll include examples that highlight global principles and tools while generating solutions appropriate to local, site-specific operational conditions.