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The patterns of modern life stimulate demand for the energy that allows us to drive to work, take the train to visit friends, or fly to another city to close a business deal or spend time with loved ones. Affordable mobility is a key contributor to the quality of life of European citizens and is intrinsically linked to economic growth.

In the coming decades, advances in technology will continue to create cleaner, more efficient transportation and significant fuel savings. Even so, we see global demand for transportation continuing to rise as a growing middle class and higher incomes mean more cars on the road and increased commercial activity. Transportation is projected to account for 29 per cent of demand for energy in Europe in 2040.

Our policy principles

ExxonMobil supports a market based approach to European transport policy, which encourages cost effective and market-based solutions that reduce emissions while minimizing the overall costs to society.

EU policy actions

The objective of climate policy should be to reduce climate change risks while minimising the overall cost to society.