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Our policy principles

European policymakers aim to maintain and improve Europe’s transport networks, while reducing climate change risks in a cost-effective manner. As the European Union develops its decarbonisation of transport agenda, how can it ensure the EU’s future emissions reduction goals are reached while providing the mobility Europeans need for a secure economic future?

  • A market approach
    Market based policies rather than mandates are the most effective way for the transport sector to achieve EU policy objectives for emissions. Technology neutral policies will support innovation, letting the free market drive the choice of transport solutions.
  • Cost/benefit analysis
    A cost/benefit analysis will steer cost effective solutions that are economically sustainable without subsidies, and bring benefits to societies that exceed overall costs.
  • Evidence based policy
    An evidence based policy will take a holistic view of transport emissions, analysing “well to wheels” impact and taking into account realistic projections for technology development.
  • A suitable regulatory framework
     Regulatory frameworks should be appropriate, flexible and consistently enforced.