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Policy principles

We believe European policy should be based on the following principles:

  • Free market, level playing field, market solutions
    Establish a level playing field for all sources of energy to meet supply needs and environmental goals. Industry is a reliable innovator and steers resources towards the most effective use. Subsidies and public funding should be limited at the pre-competitive phase to promote the emergence of businesses that can survive independently in the long run.
  • Clear and reasonable regulatory framework
    Industry needs unambiguous requirements placed on the appropriate actors in the value chain, and stakeholder engagement input should be ensured when developing or updating regulatory requirements.
  • Science-based policy
    Environmental impacts should be analyzed over the whole life cycle of a product, and resource saving during the product use cycle should also be recognized. Retaining flexibility to select the most appropriate waste management option based on life-cycle thinking is also important.
  • Economy-wide policies
    The power generation mix necessary to balance an internationally competitive and environmentally sound economy should be based on a diverse range of fuels to accommodate the benefits and limitations of each. Good policy requires disclosure of full and transparent costs. Incentivize the most cost-efficient solutions to reduce GHG emissions, including carbon pricing mechanisms.