Innovation and technology

Research and Development

Our focus on innovation is not new: For more than 135 years, we have pioneered the science that enables innovative technologies such as the lithium ion battery, high-octane gasoline, 3D seismic imaging, and many others. These transformational discoveries changed our industry and the world, helping make modern society possible.

Innovating Energy Solutions

ExxonMobil has remained a leader in energy technology throughout its 135-year history. With a commitment to fundamental science and innovation unmatched in our industry, we invest about $1 billion a year in research and development.
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European Technology Centre

For 50 years, ExxonMobil’s European Technology Center (ETC) at our EMEA headquarters in Machelen, Belgium has provided innovative solutions to complex global challenges, including developing chemical processes to reduce energy consumption at manufacturing facilities, reducing vehicle weight through advanced plastics, extending the shelf life of fresh food via innovative packaging and increasing crop yields to help developing nations thrive.
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University collaborations

ExxonMobil works with academic institutions around the world, including leading European universities and institutes, to research and develop new solutions to the world’s energy challenges.
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