The impact of REACH on ExxonMobil


The impact of REACH on ExxonMobil

The REACH regulation is consistent with our existing philosophy of using science to understand the risks associated with the products we sell and then communicating these to our customers. To ensure compliance with REACH, ExxonMobil established a dedicated REACH integration team to co-ordinate and integrate activities across the Corporation’s business lines. While the REACH regulation creates a large effort, ExxonMobil has the resources and the commitment that is required under REACH. We will continue to work actively with industry associations such as CEFIC and CONCAWE to support initiatives to continue improve the REACH regulation and practical handling with minimal disruption to ExxonMobil or our customers’ and suppliers’ operations.

When REACH entered into force on 1 June 2007, it was not possible to have all registrations in place in one go. Due to this the option with pre-registrations was introduced, and registrants could benefit from the staggered deadlines in 2010, 2013 and last one on May 31st 2018.  With this the REACH introduction period is over and “pre-registration” is no longer an option.

ExxonMobil has successfully completed more than 600 registrations for over 200 substances and are well positioned to continue register substances as required for new imports and/or new substances manufactured in EU.  Find information about ExxonMobil registration status.

One important element in the registration dossier is the development of use information and exposure scenarios for hazardous substances. Find information on ExxonMobil use communication. ExxonMobil has updated its Safety Data Sheets with relevant REACH registration information, including uses and exposure scenarios for hazardous products. Find the latest updated revision of Safety Data Sheets for ExxonMobil products.

REACH is not over, and the REACH regulation will continue to require large effort and commitment of resources. Through the development and deployment of internal standard tools and processes, we are well positioned to comply with the regulation today and tomorrow. ExxonMobil will keep resources in place to ensure  we not only continue to comply with REACH, but also stay well positioned to take up challenges following any new potential amendment of the regulation and/or new requirement that requires actions to remain in compliance.

For more information about REACH impacts for ExxonMobil products, you may contact you usual ExxonMobil contact or alternatively you may contact us.